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Marketing Guidelines

If you implement a custom (API) finloup integration in your ecommerce platform, you will also have to implement finloup's marketing guidelines, in order to promote the solution of interest free installments without credit card.

The guidelines include a topbar banner in the website's home page, a product banner which indicate the instalments amount in finloup eligible product pages and a checkout banner at the checkout.

Topbar banner

The topbar banner of finloup appears on the top section of the homepage and makes it clear for the consumers that they have the option to pay with interest-free instalments without credit card.


The "learn more" link opens a modal which gives more details about the process and what they will need.



Both the topbar banner's and the modal's default language depend on the site locale.

Product banner

The product banner appears in the product page, under the product price and indicates the instalment amount of the product, in case the consumer chooses to pay with finloup.



The product banner will only appear if both requirements are satisfied:

  • The product is finloup eligible.
  • The product's price does not exceed your configured max cart value.

Checkout banner

The checkout banner appears in the checkout page, along with the rest of the checkout options installed on the eshop.



The checkout banner will only appear if both requirements are satisfied:

  • All the products in the cart are finloup eligible.
  • The cart's value does not exceed your configured max cart value.


Finloup provides the HTML, CSS and JS code, along with the logos needed in order to implement the marketing guidelines on your website. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you need further guidance and support concerning the marketing guidelines.

  • Click here to download the code and logos needed for the marketing guidelines.
  • Click here for further information about out marketing guidelines.