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WooCommerce Plugin

Before you start

  1. Make sure you have received the API Key and the Merchant ID we have generated for you.
    If not, please contact us at
  2. Download the latest version of finloup WooCommerce plugin from here.

Setup instructions

  1. Log into your WooCommerce account and navigate to Plugins > Add New.


  1. Click Upload Plugin.


  1. Click Choose File and select the finloup plugin you downloaded earlier.


  1. Click Install Now. WordPress will now install the plugin.

  2. Once the plugin is installed, click Activate Plugin.

  3. The plugin is now listed in Installed Plugins. Click Settings.


  1. In the Settings page, make sure the values are filled in as below:
Enable/DisableEnabledEnable Finloup Payment Gateway
Enable for AdministrationEnabledEnable Finloup Payment Gateway for administrator accounts only. Used in case there is no testing environment
Display the logo of finloupEnabledEnable to display the logo of finloup next to the title which the user sees during checkout
Marketing banners behaviorSite localeSelect the behavior of the finloup marketing guidelines
Display the finloup topbarEnabledEnable to display the finloup topbar on first page
Display the finloup banner on product pageEnabledEnable to display the finloup banner on the product page
Tagged Eligible ProductsDisabledIf enabled only tagged products will be eligible, if not then every product will be eligible if other requirements are satisfied
Test modeEnabledControls the payment mode as TEST or LIVE
Finloup API key<API_KEY>Your API Key
Finloup Merchant ID<MERCHANT_ID>Your Merhcant ID
Min cart total (EUR)<min_cart_value>The minimum cart amount that will be available with finloup
Max cart total (EUR)<max_cart_value>The maximum cart amount that will be available with finloup
  • finloup will not be available as a checkout option if the total cart value is not in the range of
    <min_cart_value> and <max_cart_value> or if not all the cart's products are finloup eligible.
  • The finloup product banner will not appear in the product pages of products
    with values greater than <max_cart_value>.
  1. The settings above are mandatory in order to install and test finloup as a checkout option. It is recommended to leave the rest of the settings with their default values. The rest of the settings are:
TitleThis controls the title which the user sees during checkout.
Topbar message in greekProvide the message shown on the topbar in greek language
Topbar message in englishProvide the message shown on the topbar in english language
Additional CSS for topbarProvide css to fix issues with topbar.
Configure JavaScript for topbarConfigure JavaScript for topbar, move other bars that may exist.
Display the finloup banner on product pageEnable to display the finloup banner on the product page.
Show finloup banner before HTML ElementInsert the name of the element that banner will be shown before.
Product Banner CSSCustomize the CSS of the banner on the product page.
Finloup Checkout Logo StyleCustomize the style of the checkout logo.
Message to CustomerThe message that will be shown to the customer at the payment receipt from finloup.
Finloup TagRecommended to create a finloup tag and assign products to that tag.
Return page URLWe recommend you to select the default, "Thank You Page", in order to automatically serve both successful and failed transactions, with the latter also offering the option to try the payment again. If you select a different page, you will have to handle failed payments yourself by adding custom code.
Error messageThis controls the error message if a user did not successfully completed the finloup process.
  1. Click Save Changes